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Dynamic, intuitive, adaptable software tools developed for producers by producers.

This is Timmy. The Production OS.

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Trusted by some amazing businesses

Everything you need to get the job done.

Flexible, adaptable, intuitive. Timmy is 100% prepared for when the shit hits the fan, because the shit always hits the fan.

Resourcing & utilization

Manage and schedule teams across the entire organization.

Timesheets & time-tracking

Effortlessly track time for project tasks, vacation and sick leave.

Project management

Build, track and schedule projects of any level of complexity.


Project future workload, costs and billings.


Projections, estimates, actualizing & job costing.

Digital asset management

The source of truth for project and production files.


A hub for the tools you already use.


Status, utilization and cost analysis reports, in real time.


Store completed projects with drag and drop simplicity.

Plays nicely with others.

Timmy connects to the tools you use every day.

Start your project in Slack. Automatically build out project folders in Google Drive or Dropbox (or both). Open and close your Frame.io project - all without lifting a finger. Timmy takes care of all the details so you can focus on the work.

Contact us to learn how we can integrate your systems and help you manage your entire workflow.

Google Drive

Google Drive



Google Sheets



Harness the chaos.
Keep everything in one place.


Create, modify and share up-to-the-minute estimates as the system intuitively changes values across the board.


Hold, book, schedule, track time & payments in one place. Change status and update staff and freelancers instantly.


Client asking for status? CFO checking in? Share where you’re at–and how you got there–with one link to one place.

Kind words from some of our customers

  • Timmy has significantly changed how we work in our production department. We are now able to handle project tracking, budgeting, and resource allocation all from the same tool.

    Timmy flexibility has also allowed us to build custom workflows and links to other agency tools, further connecting us as a department and speeding up our day to day work.

    Martin Risberg - Mekanism

  • Timmy gives me everything I need to keep track of my many projects. Schedules, resources, finances.

    All seamlessly connected to each other, allowing me full control of it all.

    Jim Vaughan - Executive Producer, Avalon - Argonaut

  • With the introduction of Timmy we have been able to organize our resources and staff utilization into a tool that gives us easy access to reports.

    It is the closest thing to a crystal ball possible when it comes to future planning for staffing as well as day to day allocations.

    It has been a game changer for us.

    Tracy Urquhart - VP, Resource Management & Talent Operations

  • Integrating job cost accounting, time tracking, invoicing, and reporting has always been a pain point for agencies.

    Too many systems and redundant data entry are a drag on efficiency. By unifying these systems into one platform, Timmy gives our production teams and management the tools they need to keep up with projects and overall agency growth.

    On top of that, the team at Timmy has been great to work with - always going the extra mile to integrate our other key platforms, e.g., payroll - or to augment the platform to best suit our internal processes.

    Thank you, Timmy!

    Chuck Carey - CFO, Compadre

  • Timmy has been a true lifesaver! From the technical support to the program functionality - it’s the full-on package we need to run our production studio.

    Using Timmy has helped us better communicate with our clients in setting expectations, as well as boost our confidence in how we offer our services.

    Joel Berroteran - Owner, eightyfive

  • Timmy has been a fantastic one-stop producer tool for myself and our producers at Amodeo Creative.

    From bidding projects, to tracking hours and resources, to final actualizing projects, we’ve been able to stay more organized and on top of our projects’ financials since using Timmy.

    Not to mention Alex and Luke are incredible resources throughout the day if I have any questions about the platform - I’m very grateful to have Timmy in our company!

    Lauren Gould - Executive Producer, Amodeo Creative

Never let the work get held up

Keeping jobs on track across multiple programs, browser tabs and files is not the best use of your energy and skills.

Timmy helps you minimize headaches, maximize efficiency and focus on the bigger vision.

EP ki-yay!

You’re good at what you do–this will make you a legend.

More in control. More zen.

Every part of the job is now more seamless. Everyone in the process can trust this system because the production world literally created this system for themselves.

This is the Production OS.

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